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Diversey Quattro Select Dispensing System

Quattro Select is the new dilution control station from Diversey. This unit offers the very best of dilution control for larger sites. The lockable unit uses up to four super-concentrated cleaning chemicals simultaneously. Simply turn the smart valve selector to the desired product and begin filling. The unit offers two flow rates to make bucket and trigger filling timely and easy. The system uses colour coded super-concentrated products to make training easy, and with no neat contact of product for staff, it offers superior safety.

Quattro Select – a wall mounted dilution system for larger sites using three or four concentrates.  Choosing Quattro Select will improve efficiency with high-speed accurate filling of bottles, buckets and scrubber driers with it’s two flow rates. It provides excellent results in a simple and easy way with precise dilution. Each Quattro Select can deliver up to 2500 litres of ready-to-use product with just two pouches – saving on transport, storage and packaging waste, making it the environmentally friendly product of choice, while improving your operational costs. Daily cleaner range is also available with EU-Flower certified concentrates.

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